"Imaginations Run Wild" Party Services

Let imaginations run wild?

We say a resounding "yes!"

An A Spacious Place party ignites imaginations: under the guidance of our Spacious Crew, guests create their own fun. Whether it's a child's birthday party, a pool get-together, or an after-school event, our trained and background-checked artisans bring their best. And we bring the party to you!

Dr. Kaye P. McKee, our Executive Director (aka Perpetual Party Planner) earned a bachelor's and master's degree in childhood education and has been writing educational curriculum for over 30 years. In addition, we provide creativity services to a wide range of communities, so we know how to tailor our services.

Cost: $9 per invitee (9 person minimum. A Spacious Place charges for the number of invitees listed on the contract and cannot deduct for cancellations.)

START-UP CELEBRATION: Sign up on or before Dec. 31, 2015 and receive a discount: $7 per participant.

Creativity Time: 1½ hours
Age Range: 6 years old and up
Delivery Range: Within 25 miles of our location: 7105 Gentle Oak Dr., Austin, TX 78749
Date Options: Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, Sunday afternoon and night