Online Journal: Renderings

  • Journal Name: Renderings
  • Edition 2: "Changes"
  • Articles Due: October 1, 2010
  • Edition Published: Mid-November, 2011

THEME CATEGORY: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1. If you create an art piece, please include some explication.

All submissions MUST:

  • Be in by the due date, no exceptions;
  • Be no more than 5 pages;
  • Be submitted as a word document using standard fonts;
  • When applicable (see descriptions on the right), correctly cite sources used within the body of the paper (e.g., After each quote, when an author's information is used, etc.) and include a properly formatted works cited or bibliography; and
  • Submit for panel approval (and revision, if appropriate) and a final edit before publication.

Submit journal-related questions and journal submissions to:

Spacious Rock Dude

PERMANENT CATEGORIES—You may always submit a piece in any of the following categories; please fulfill all listed guidelines, but feel free to do so in whatever creative way calls to you.

  • Reverence—Prayers: With reflection or explication.
  • Joyfulness—Creative Expression: Including, but not limited to, 1) creative writing and poetry; 2) photography; 3) a visual art piece you created; etc. with reflection or explication; (if visual art, please provide a photograph, for performing artists please provide a description of the piece and a photograph if desired)
  • Discernment—Study: Interdisciplinary study welcomed! You may 1) interact with a concept; 2) a person's writings, philosophy, or theology; 3) a theological tenant; 4) a spiritual practice; 5) a sacrament; 6) your own personal spirituality and the foundation upon which it is built. Explore any religious/spiritual tradition of interest, including one you have come to yourself; use at least 2 scholarly sources, cite appropriately-using only reputable websites.
  • Commitment—Service: A piece about a service experience or about a theory of service. Such as 1) a personal theory, 2) a tie in with a theologian or thinker and your own personal beliefs where possible-use at least one reputable source.
  • Rejuvenation—rest and "time off": A piece about your theology of recreation, your practices of recreation, God's practices of recreation, etc. Use two or more scholarly sources and cite appropriately.
  • Mystery—Exploration of Unknown: Possibilities include mysticism, miracles, angels, demon possession, or anything else mysterious to you-research based, also personal exploration/reflection. Use two or more scholarly sources and cite appropriately.