Young Artists Club

We are an artists club that helps students turn their imaginations into visual art forms. After exploring the life and work of the "Artist of the Month," club members will create original pieces based on his/her subject and style. Spacious Artist DudeOur artists meet every second Saturday at 1:00 pm. There is a $65 annual fee for dues, food, field trips, and supplies.

ALL children (1st grade and up) who love art and/or love to imagine are welcome! This is going to be a BLAST, please invite any children you know!!!

Next meeting: March 12, 2016

Click here to sign up your artist.

Camp Canveral

Camp Canaveral Spacious Astronaut Dude

Launching cosmic imaginations!

Campers at our creativity space camp, August 1—5, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m., will imagine an undiscovered planet, envision it in a 3-D model, compose its musical score, design its inhabitants using computer graphics, create a documentary film, make a mess at Messy Art Day, and much more.

Ages 1st grade (completed) and older. Launch your camper’s imagination by registering.

Tailgate Offerings

A Spacious Place enjoys loading the trunks of our vehicles with creative goodies and motoring out to group homes, apartment complexes, camp sites, churches, and campuses. We provide opportunities for creative and spiritual expression to persons who have developmental delays, persons in transitional or low-income housing, and children, to name just a few. We simply get in our cars and follow the need. If you know of an organization that might benefit from A Spacious Place's Tailgate Offerings, we'd love to hear from you! Contact